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Irish Weddings Cost Almost 30K, According to New Weddingsonline Survey

- Posted on: 28/01/2020 - $itemValue.title

According to a new survey, from weddingsonline.ie the average budget for a wedding including honeymoon is €29,624, up from last year’s €28,462. The average price per guest is €73.


The average spend in each category was as follows:

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Engagement Rings: €3070

Wedding Rings: €1336

Band: €2182

DJ: €498

Photographer: €1674

Videographer: €1431

Wedding Dress: €1789

Ceremony Music: €485

Evening Entertainment: €762

Celebrant/Solemniser: €378

Makeup (bride only): €139

Makeup (per bridesmaid): €96

Hairstyling (per bride): €112

Hairstyling (per bridesmaid): €69

Wedding Planner: €1849

Bridesmaid Dresses (per bridesmaid): €208

Beauty Treatments: €434

Accessories: €478

Price per suit: €260

The average number of suits bought: 4.3

Photobooth: €430

Wedding Car: €491

Wedding Cake: €375

Décor (Ceremony): €431

Décor (Venue): €636

Flowers: €796

Invites: €370

Foodie Treats: €418

Ceremony booklets: €182 (was €253)

Hen & Stag: €192 (was €282)

Honeymoon (per person): €2758


This is what couples said they wish they could have done differently:

  • “Save more in advance.”
  • “I would be more organised and have booked more suppliers. I took on too much DIY and now I am panicking.”
  • “Not cared what other people think!”
  • “Enjoy the process more, I only plan to do this the one time!”
  • “I would have gotten a videographer. Big mistake not having one.”
  • “Maybe eloped as my fiancé’s mother is a nightmare and is causing loads of unnecessary stress.”


For the full article, please visit: https://www.weddingsonline.ie/blog/irish-wedding-survey/


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