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Orlaith’s Soda Bread Recipe

- Posted on: 27/03/2020 - $itemValue.title

Keeping tradition alive during this time...

At times like this, it’s hard to know what can comfort people best, a loved ones voice on the phone, a favourite tune that instils memory on the radio or for some it may be turning to a recipe from the past.

Cooking has the power to transport you to a different place whether it’s back to childhood enjoying a picnic, the sound of your mother calling the family to the table for dinner or the waft of soda bread coming from the oven.

And so to offer some comfort at this time, we’d like to share our Pastry Chef Orlaith’s Soda Bread recipe from the Headfort kitchen using our beloved local Martry Mill flour. 

If you haven’t done so before, take this time to cook something from scratch, this soda bread recipe is a great way to start as it’s a non-technical bake with guaranteed satisfaction and you’re family will thank you too when it’s enjoyed fresh from the oven!

The recipe is handwritten by Orlaith, thanks to her for sharing it with us!

Happy Cooking!



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