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Gardening tips for Bloom weekend 🌷

- Posted on: 28/05/2020 - $itemValue.title

This Sunday, 31st of May, Bord Bia is encouraging the Irish public to come together and Bloom from their own homes and we're taking this opportunity to share some more gardening tips from Breda, straight from our Headfort Garden!

The weather improved again so put your sun hats on and get the green fingers working!

  • Quick growing plants such as rocket, spinach and also beetroot leaves can be sown at intervals to add more interest to your salad. 🥗
  • Companion planting can be an effective way of cutting down on your use of chemicals, but it needs some experimenting as it works for some and not for others. Planting marigolds, lavender and herbs such as thyme and chives produce a distracting scent, keeping pests away. Also, nasturtiums are preferred by aphids and cabbage white butterfly and are eaten rather than your broad beans and cabbages, cauliflower, etc. 🌿
  • When watering hanging baskets put some feed in the water every time. It keeps a consistent amount of feed available to the plants. If you feed one day and water the next you probably wash out most of the feed put in the previous day. 💦
  • Feed, weed and moss killer is a granular application for lawns which can be used at this time. Apply it as per instructions but make sure you put it on just before it rains. If you put it on and it doesn't rain you will need to water it in. 🌱
  • Dead-head rose's when the flowers have just withered and look unsightly. Cut the stem back to a healthy leaf-axil bud which will produce a new strong shoot and more flowers. 🌹

Visit the Headfort Garden for yourself, from June 29th for lunch... we're looking forward to welcoming you back! Until then, take care and stay safe!

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